Three Things You Must Do Before Booking Your Tenancy Cleaning Contractor

So, you are about to move out of your former residence. Congratulations – we know it is always a huge step. But before you start planning the welcome party at your new place, there is this tiresome end of tenancy cleaning to arrange. 

Let’s assume you have already picked your contractor and scheduled the date for cleaning. Here are the three obligatory things you must do before the cleaning crew arrives.

Notify Your Landlord About Your Choice

The best tenancy cleaning companies will usually do that for you but leave nothing to chance. Consider this the final courtesy or the classy thing to do. Most landlords do not care who does the cleaning as long as the results are satisfactory, but some know their business and will inquire about your choice of contractor.

Move All Your Boxes Before The Cleaning

“Come on, that’s self-evident!”, you would say. You will be surprised how many people don’t consider it or bungle their planning. If you want the best results for your money, the more empty the apartment – the more efficient the effort.

Leave A List With Suggestions With The Most Problematic Areas

Speaking from experience – most cleaners consider this a sign of extra attention from their customers and love their input. Yes, the best professionals will quickly find their way around the premises and locate the most pressing issues. But that doesn’t mean that they do not appreciate the help!